How to Improve Mindset With Martial Arts Classes

How to Improve Mindset With Martial Arts Classes

If you’re looking for ways to improve mindset with martial arts classes, you’ve come to the right blog! Martial arts is a unique form of fitness in that at the same time that you build muscle, you also build perseverance, resilience, and mental strength- key tenets in any mindset-improving journey. Read on to find out about how martial arts classes will build a resilient mindset and help you determine your own destiny!

Mindset and Muscles- Martial Arts Builds Both

Improve Mindset With Martial Arts

It’s no secret that adult martial arts classes are incredible workouts. Through hard work and rigorous training, people from all walks of life have gained incredible benefits from martial arts- and looked amazing doing it! Sure, the killer physique is a huge plus, but martial arts lets you crush your fitness goals AND do so with a real purpose in practicing self defense.

Aside from being an awesome tool you can use whenever you need to protect yourself or your loved ones, one of the best-kept secrets about adult martial arts is this: it can improve mindset with martial arts, too. As much as martial arts can strengthen your core, arms, and legs, it can strengthen your MIND in ways that ripple into every other area of your life- and help you become the strong athlete you were always meant to be.

So what all does this “mindset work” mean? It really boils down to three key tenets – discipline and consistency, building confidence, and, last but not least, overcoming self doubt.

Discipline and Consistency Will Improve Mindset With Martial Arts

How to Improve Mindset With Martial Arts

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow,” only to find yourself sitting at home, TV remote in hand, wanting to do anything BUT go to the gym… again? A monotonous gym workout may be the last thing on the planet you want to get up and do. And it’s just exercise- it can wait. Right? (WRONG! Way wrong- multiple studies have shown that exercise is one of the best things for your mental health. But we digress…)

Here’s the thing- boring workouts are the enemy of physical progress, which is why we make martial arts classes REALLY FUN. So many students in our classes forget they’re even working out! Martial arts is tough (learning how to properly kick and punch and ascend the belt ranks is not easy), but it’s FUN (mostly because our instructors are one big goofy family).

And when something is FUN, it’s much easier to convince yourself to get off the couch and build a healthy habit around it. AND, if you actually show up to your adult martial arts classes, you’ve a) done the hardest part already in just getting to class, and b) you’ll gain special gratitude for, and adherence to, self discipline.

The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel leaving the studio will make you actually want to go back the next day (hello, healthy habits!). Discipline and consistency are the building blocks of a healthy mindset.

And this mindset change can be extremely beneficial to other areas of your life as well. Think of it this way- maybe you’ve been wanting a raise for a while at work, but you’re anxious about bringing it up with your manager. This is probably something you are not looking forward to (kind of like putting on your gi and getting to martial arts class…), but you know it will have an incredible impact on your life if you actually do it (kind of like how your martial arts classes will make you stronger and teach you life-saving self defense techniques).

A lack of discipline and consistency with your own actions could be the reason you may never ask for that raise. But here in our studio, our students practice hard work and discipline every single class so that they can build the confidence to stand up for themselves and finally make huge life changes.

Adult martial arts classes are going to be your go-to exercise if you want to improve mindset with martial arts in this area. Everyone has the desire to be more dependable in their words and actions and with adult martial arts classes, this is one of the biggest rewards you’ll receive through martial arts training.

Build Confidence With Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts Classes in McKinney

There’s something really special that happens when you set goals and then use that discipline and consistency to check those achievements off your to-do list. You’ll be feeling like a rockstar with all this newfound confidence. No, it’s not magic…and yes, anyone can have it! Losing weight with exercise is a goal almost everyone has, but for a lot of people, it feels like a total pipe dream- impossible. You know that losing weight will make you feel better in your clothes, but it can be a challenge to get yourself to the gym.

Ever wonder why? If you’re going at it alone, staying on track with your class schedule is tricky. And without peers to support you, check in on you, and celebrate you, it’s difficult to stay consistent with your training- especially when that cozy couch in your living room is calling your name.

With adult martial arts classes, your instructor and peers will be encouraging you every class to be your absolute best- and they’ll 100% notice when you’re not there. Staying on track becomes easier with their help.

With the support of others cheering you on as you kick, punch, and actually start to have fun getting in shape, you start to see those weight-loss results…and fast! Imagine getting on that scale and seeing your goal weight a little closer and how amazing that will feel. Confidence boost achieved!

And it ties into self discipline too- again, the importance of just showing up to class cannot be understated. It’s these progressive wins over time (showing up on time, giving 110%, finally nailing that move after so many tries) that build true, untouchable confidence.

You show yourself (and the rest of the world!) that you will achieve your goals no matter what. Confidence comes quite naturally because you’ve done exactly what you said you would do and kept that promise to yourself. This is why confidence is such a huge part of improving your mindset with adult martial arts classes- you become the person you always knew you could be.

Overcoming Self Doubt With Adult Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes in McKinney

Self doubt is a pesky and common motivation killer and can manifest in many different ways. Fear of trying will totally block anyone on the journey to self improvement and negative self-talk will pull any unsuspecting student down in no time. Saying “I can’t.” and giving up at the most difficult point of your workout keeps you stuck where you are. It’s all too often that we see this come up with many of our students during their first few classes.

But as soon as one of those students sees the smallest bit of progress, they can say “Ha! Take that!” to their self doubt. Not only that, but our instructors are natural at highlighting your strengths and will start to call you out on your achievements and celebrate your successes, big or small. In turn, self doubt slowly diminishes and becomes a thing of the past. The voice of fear becomes a mere whisper as the confident, strong voice of an accomplished martial artist gets louder.

Let’s be honest- in your first classes, it’s super daunting to put yourself out there and try something new. Self doubt will definitely get in the way if you’re afraid to try. But once you try (and try again), and show up consistently with a readiness to learn, slowly but surely you will see how self doubt is really just something you taught yourself over the course of your life.

And- great news!- that means it can be unlearned. In a safe, healthy environment like ours, there’s no room for self doubt. You will be assured that no one will be judging you because all of our instructors were beginners at one point too!

Think of everyone who has ever accomplished anything at all- they didn’t start out as an expert in their field or with a lot of awards. They had to start at square one and take on big, intimidating things to see small improvements over time.

It’s just the same with you and martial arts. As we say, every black belt was once a white belt, and it’s TRUE. When you keep showing up and adopt this learner mindset, nothing will be able to stop you from crushing fear, and self doubt will take a back seat.

When you keep practicing, your skills will improve, yes- but you’ll also begin to see and feel how adult martial arts can improve mindset with martial arts because you’re proving to yourself that you can- and that you will- get better at a new skill with patience and a willingness to try. And THAT is worth its weight in gold.

Adult Martial Arts and Your Mind

In this day and age, different techniques to how to improve mindset with martial arts are all the rage, but adult martial arts classes are one of the best and most effective forms of exercise to learn on your path to becoming more aware and strengthening that positive mindset. Interested? Give us a try with our risk-free web special and see how YOU can become the best version of yourself with adult martial arts classes!


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